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A Unique Approach

Through our on-the-job experience as managers, our knowledge in the fields of law and management and our network of associates, we are able to analyze all aspects of a problem and are well equipped to offer you complete solutions.

Legal Advice

We are able to provide services in the areas of International Trade, International Law, Business Law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Company Closures and Immigration Law.

Employment Law and Labour Relations

Whether your needs concern employee relations in a unionized or a non-unionized workplace, collective agreement negotiations or health and safety issues, we can offer you a high level of proven expertise in the field.

Recruitment and Workforce Mobility

We can help you in your recruitment process, and we have access to networks that allow us to recruit professional and specialized labour in several countries.

We can assist you in the management of your personnel and their families working in Canada, in the United States or anywhere in the world, whether for expatriation, during their stay or for their return to their domicile of origin.

Human Resources Management

We are able to provide services in all spheres of activities related to human resources management: coaching, conflict management, manpower planning, compensation, work organization, continuous improvement, organizational development, performance evaluation, development and implementation of policies, practices and procedures.

Strategic Advice

We have assisted many businesses in the development of their strategic plans and their business plans. Most executives realize the difficulty of translating a vision into concrete actions. Our tools and expertise allow for the implementation of action plans that engage all employees in their effort to reach common goals. Our expertise in the search for financial solutions, as well as in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, allows us to help you achieve the financial consolidation of your company.